PFD Personal Flotation Device
PFD Primary Flight Display
PFD Permanent Fund Dividend
PFD Proposal for Decision (public utility proposal)
PFD Process Flow Diagram
PFD Pfund (German: Pounds)
PFD Power Flux Density (electrical engineering)
PFD Phase Frequency Detector (electronics)
PFD Proposed Final Draft
PFD Probability of Failure on Demand
PFD Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
PFD Phoenix Fire Department (Phoenix, AZ)
PFD Philadelphia Fire Department
PFD Partners for Development (Silver Spring, MD)
PFD Prepared For Dyeing
PFD Public Forum Debate
PFD Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia
PFD Programmable Frequency Divider
PFD Privolzhsky Federal District (Russia; aka Volga Region)
PFD Present For Duty
PFD Portland Fire Department
PFD Personal, Fatigue and Delay
PFD Physical Facilities Department
PFD Physical Fitness Diagnostic (US Air Force ROTC)
PFD Partido Fuerza Democrática (Democratic Force Party, Costa Rica)
PFD Partnerships for Finance and Development
PFD Phase Frequency Discriminator
PFD Process Flow Design
PFD Partial Fractions Decomposition (calculus)
PFD Production, Fielding/Deployment
PFD Preparation for Demonstration
PFD Presidio Fire Department
PFD Patron Fare Display
PFD Pittsburgh Fire Department
PFD Passive Frequency Doubler
PFD Pseudoinflammatory Fundus Dystrophy
PFD Probability-of-error Fault Detection
PFD Penticton Fire Department
PFD Promo-Femmes/Développement Sport (Burkina Faso)
PFD Policy Formulation Division (DCAA)
PFD Plug Flow with Dispersion (environmental science)
PFD Plandome Fire Department (Plandome, NY)
PFD Puyallup Fire Department (Washington)
PFD Profit from Differences
PFD Propellant Fill Drain Valve